Hearing Loss Concerns

My biggest concern about hearing loss that remains untreated is that it eventually leads to an isolated life-style.  The hearing impaired person often does not want to continue to ask people to repeat what was said, so they eventually stop trying to interact.  I have seen many situations where people will just stop talking on the telephone or stop watching tv altogether because it requires too much energy to try to piece together what was actually said.  With hearing loss, only part of the word is actually heard, so the listener has to use their brain to try to ‘figure out’ what was actually said. This requires thought energy and after time, sometimes they will just quit trying.  We need to hear what is being said because it keeps us connected with our loved ones, with life, and in general, loneliness is not necessarily a fun thing. Some times people wait until they have dealt with the loss for years and years before they try to correct the problem.  When this happens, the success rate is not ‘as good’ as in the cases where help was obtained early on.  But regardless, it is still very important for people to hear at all ages of life.


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